19.91 is a quiet and modest story of a meeting between 19 year old Jette from Germany and a 91 year old Pole – Mrs. Zofia. During Jette’s one year annual voluntary service in Warsaw, she regularly visits Mrs. Zofia, who spent her teenage years in concentration camps in Auschwitz and Ravensbrück.

premiere: 2019
running time: 25 min.

writer / director: Emilia Śniegoska
cinematography: Ewa Radzewicz
editor: Anna Gontarczyk
sound: Jakub Jerszyński
production manager: Emilia Śniegoska, Ola Cyganek
artistic supervisor: Jacek Bławut
protagonists: Zofia Prejzner, Jette Helberg
executive producer: Agnieszka Dziedzic, Koi Studio
production: Studio Munka-SFP

Film was made as a part of The First Documentary programme.

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